About Joseph Palmieri


From Pizzoferrato to Pittsburgh

Joseph Palmieri was born in Pizzoferrato, Italy. He spent his childhood and early adult years working on his family farm. With limited opportunities, at the age of 30 he decided to pursue the American dream. He departed from Italy in 1966 with his wife and two small children and arrived in Pittsburgh, PA.
He couldn't speak English but he had the determination to learn skills and find work. He worked for local construction companies for 3 years and in 1969 he started his own business, Joseph Palmieri Construction Company. Later, his two sons Jim and John, joined the business and as they say…”the rest is history.”
Pizzoferrato - Concrete Contractor in Pittsburgh, PA
They built the trust of local families with their high quality work and affordable prices that quickly the business grew through word of mouth. No internet or social media, just happy customers sharing with their friends and family!
Residential expanded into commercial contracting projects and 49 years later, Joseph Palmieri, the founder, and his sons built a reputable concrete company in the Pittsburgh area that continues to thrive today. At 80 years old, Joe can still be seen working everyday with that same determination in 1969!